Maya cannot be removed

this world is in thick blanket of maya. Maya means illusion. this illusion hides the truth. I wanted to know self. but where is self. it is covered by Maya. sometime we look inside to search for our self. but that inner voice is lost in the din of outside world. the illusionary world . where there is arule of five senses which have overpowered our mind .

Is self and mind are one and the same thing . no, that is also not true. mind is two way destination one leads to five

senses but other leads towards self. Self does not means a  person. self is universal. it is said that we are only a small particle of this universe but maya separates us. It makes us forget our natural habitat, natural inclination , the human touch.

All the rivers , mountains ,trees , oceans sun moon planets are part of manifested prakriti but they live intheir own self and in knowledge of the cause of their existance.


Is human aware of . this is a question for debate.