Marketing is planning or cashing on opportunity

we read about many success stories intertwined around marketing. take any industry , Telecom, education, automobile , real estate .Pharmaceutical etc , you will find many firms failing and few firms succeeding and reaching pinnacle of glory.

What differentiate success from failure? is it marketing planning or just be present at the right moment and things click automatically.


In my view it is combination of both. Let us take example of telecom. many companies were present in telecom equipment market before Micromax. micromax came into existance in only year 2000, when telecom market was about to open and government has made drastic changes in telecom policy. that opened the floodgates and Telecom service providers were growing at more than 100% every year. there was alarge gap in cheap handset market . supply was more than demand and micromax fulfilled it and rest is history.


stay tuned for more such cases