Importance of Sun

The life on earth is altogether impossible without the presence of Sun. All the creatures starting from human being, animals, trees to creepers have been dependent upon the power of the Sun. The effect of the Sun is tangible to everyone. The seasons happen due to the Sun and movement of the earth. The seasons have a great role for the survival of the life on the earth. The seasonal transformation helps to harvest crops and grains.

Worshiping the Lord Sun (Surya Bhagwan)

Worshiping the Lord Sun is nothing new. The Hindu origin people across the world have been praying and worshipping the Sun God since time immemorial. There many festivals pertaining to Sun that happen in India every year. The Chhath Puja in Bihar, Makar Sankranti across India, Samba Dasami in Odisha is a very common phenomenon relating to Sun.

Sun Temple in India

Since Sun is the lifeline of the world, the people in India have been paying reverence to the Sun God. There are many Sun temple in India that were built in the various time. The Sun temple in Odisha is one of the most popular temple in the world. The people from far-off places of the world do visit this temple every year.

There is another Sun temple in Modhera in Gujarat that was built in the 11th century AD by the king Bhima I of the Chaulukya dynasty. There is no worship being offered these days. However, the monumental temple is being taken care by the Archeological survey of India.

Sun is not a planet but considered to be the planet in astrology

We have been taught in the science that Sun is not a planet. However, Sun is considered as a planet in astrology as it has effect on the human being. Anything that has effect on the human being is called a planet. The Rahu and Ketu is not considered as the planet in astronomy. However, in the astrological nomenclature, it is considered as the planet as it has impact on the human being and mundane affairs. The planet Sun basically gives power, position and authority.

If the planet Sun is powerful in the birth chart, then it will give you power, position and authority over others. The native will be center of attention. If the planet Sun is powerful enough in the natal chart, then the career, profession and business will run smoothly.

When the planet Sun is exalted, own signed and friendly signed, it will give you power to organize and command the people. The powerful Sun in the birth chart is a boon for the politicians, physicians, administrators and managers.

It is especially beneficial those who are eager to head the governmental portfolios. The Sun must be powerful in the chart of ministers, defense personnel and top gun of the countries. Running the business empire is solely dependent upon the planet Sun. The business tycoon must have a powerful Sun in the horoscope.

Exalted Sun in astrology

The planet Sun has different position in the natal chart and it differ from person to person chart. The exalted Sun in astrology is considered to be the most powerful in the birth chart. The planet Sun is exalted in the 1st zodiac sign i.e. Aries.

The exalted Sun makes the person powerful, commanding, forceful, dynamic and dominant. It also gives leadership quality. The Sun in Aries makes the native anger and courageous. Such people do well in the field of politics and corporate affairs. The powerful Sun in Aries makes the native center of attention among the people.

Sun in own sign in astrology

As we discussed about exalted Sun, we have the own signed Sun. Every planet has its own house in the 12 zodiac signs. The planet Sun has also a house in the Leo. When the planet Sun is posited in the Leo, the native will be independent, courageous, dynamic, forceful, strong willed, stubborn and commanding.

The planet Sun will give result differently according the ascendant the native possesses. The person belongs to the Leo ascendant with the Sun in own sign will definitely make the person strong and robust. The person will be knowledgeable and versatile. The native will lead a comfortable life.

Sun in a friendly sign in the natal chart

The planet Sun will also bring good result like in the own sign and exaltation. The planet Sun is friendly to Mars, Jupiter and Moon. If it is posited in the house of Mars and Jupiter i.e. Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces, then it will bring phenomenal result. However, it altogether depends upon its position and houses that the planet Sun occupies.

The plant Sun could be very powerful in the ascendant, 10th and 11thhouse. However, it will not bring spectacular result when it is posited in the 6th, 8th and 12th house despite being in friendly sign. In a nutshell, the planet Sun in a friendly sign is definitely a good symbol for the native.