Elections 2014 a vote for prosperity

India is poised for big challanges. in just concluded elections people of india once again are the winner. they have reposed their faith in the process of development. they have voted by lifting themselves up from the considerations of caste , religion , geographical diversity.

It is for the leadership who have been given the mandate to deliver. It is not the delivery of bare minimum needs of satisfying hunger or shelter which is on the mind of electorates. It is the right to live with diginity and economic prosperity, to which they are looking forward to.

This is a task which requires an efficient and responsive setup, who understands that they are not masters of people, and their duties is to work for the goodness of common man day and night. plateform is ready but the speed of the decision making will decide the fate of more than billion indians who have shown maturity in delivering verdict, and mind you clapping cannot b done with one hand , response should come from the powers would be.