marketing and elections

We believe that through elections , we select mass leaders who will care about common man issues and work to solve them. it is not so anymore. It has become a self marketing exercise and a time to create new personal  brands. Gandhi family is a national brand in India, be it Nehru .Indira Rajiv, Sonia or Rahul, we have given them some characterstic and shape and idolise them so that they are converted into a iconic brand like coca cola.

This election have thrown up two new brands , Modi and Kejriwal. world has not listened about them a year ago , but now they are a big brand much more than Sachin Tendulkar or A Tajmahal.

So what has gone into them in last one year . first lot of money has been invested on them in last one year. In modi brand ,many crores has been invested. kejriwal is behind so is his brand popularity. my question is why modi will give return to common man , he will give return to only those people who have invested in him and so the list goes on. this elections will throw up many brands who will give good return to the persons who have invested in them as any product give to the company. where is the common man in the whole picture. a mere pawn on the chess board.